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Jake Park


Growing up the son of a wealthy CEO was always going to put pressure on Jake Park. When his brother graduated with honors from Yale the pressure on Jake intensified. Jake just wasn't the academic type, but his father never really understood his refusal to embrace the expensive education he lavished upon him. Eventually, Jake rebelled by dropping out of school entirely.

Now, Jake lives off the grid on the edge of the woods. It's been years since he spoke to his father but his mother checks in once in a while. It was she who eventually called the police.

The cops said he got lost in the woods and a search party looked for days, but gave up as bad weather rolled in. Despite passionate pleas from his mother, they never resumed the search and Jake went down in history as another casualty of the woods.


Calm Spirit
Calm Spirit
Animals seem to trust you as they often stay calm in your presence.

Reduces chances of alerting woodland creatures by 100%.

Allows you to overcome the urge to scream.

Allows you to open chests and cleanse/bless Totems silently, but at 40/35/30% reduced speed.

See hook auras in a 56 meter radius from the pickup spot if another Survivor is being carried. Scourge Hooks are shown in yellow.

Unlocks the ability to sabotage hooks without a Toolbox.

Sabotaging a hook without a Toolbox takes 2.3 seconds.

The sabotage action has a 70/65/60 second cooldown.

Iron Will
Iron Will
You're able to concentrate and enter a meditative-like state to numb some pain. Grunts of pain caused by injuries are reduced by 25/50/75%. Does not function while Exhausted. Does not inflict Exhausted.