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Ace Visconti


Ace Visconti is one charming guy. With his sharp Italian looks, grey-streaked hair and silver tongue, he could pass for an aging 50s movie star.

His heart has always belonged to the cards. From his roots as a poor boy in Argentina, he gamed, scammed, seduced and smooth-talked his way to a life of luxury as a high roller in the land of opportunity. Despite money always having a way of slipping through his fingers, Ace always figured he could win more.

He never fulfilled that ambition; eventually he racked up too many debts with the wrong kind of people. And when they finally came to collect, Ace was nowhere to be found. No one knew who tipped him off or where he fled to, but anyone who knew Ace Visconti can agree on one thing. He will survive: against all odds.


Up the Ante
Up the Ante
All will be well in the end; you just know it. Your confidence strengthens the feeling of hope for those around you.

For each other Survivor still alive, grant a 1/2/3% bonus of luck to all remaining Survivors.

Strengthens the potential of you and your team's aura reading abilities.

Increases aura reading ranges by 8/12/16 meters.

Survivors may only be affected by one Open-Handed effect at a time.

Ace in the Hole
Ace in the Hole
Lady Luck always seems to be throwing something good your way.

When retrieving an item from a chest, there is a 100% chance that a Very Rare (or lower) add-on will be attached to it.

10/25/50% chance of finding an add-on of Uncommon rarity (or lower).

When escaping, keep any add-ons your item has.