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Steve Harrington


Popular and arrogant, yet compassionate, Steve Harrington is an unlikely mentor and leader. He often acts as a surrogate big brother to a younger boy named Dustin. He even helped him find his slimy inter-dimensional pet Demogorgon, D'Artagnan. His reputation as a protector grew and he soon became a sort of ‘babysitter' for a group of kids in Hawkins with a knack for messing around with strange and dangerous things. His courage is unmatched so that he was even able to fend off a Demogorgon when it threatened his friends. One evening he received a call for assistance from his friend Nancy Wheeler. He drove all the way to the Hawkins National Laboratory to see if she was okay. He searched the area but only found her notebook. Before he realized what was happening the ground opened up and a swirl of black mist filled his eyes. When he awakened he was in a strange place that seemed familiar but unfamiliar at the same time.


While you have a reputation for being self-centered, you risk it all to help those in need.

When you unhook a Survivor, they won't leave scratch marks or pools of blood, and they gain a 7% Haste status effect for 4/6/8 seconds.

You see the Killer's aura for 8 seconds.

Life has taught you the importance of friendship which has given you strength.

While you are on the hook in the struggle phase, Camaraderie activates.

If another Survivor is within 16 meters of you while Camaraderie is activated, the hook timer is paused for 26/30/34 seconds.

Second Wind
Second Wind
When you have healed other Survivors for the equivalent of one health state, Second Wind activates. If you are already afflicted by the Broken status effect, Second Wind does not activate.

While Second Wind is activated, the next time you are unhooked or you unhook yourself, you are affected by the Broken status effect. After a total duration of 28/24/20 seconds, Second Wind automatically heals you from injured to healthy.

Second Wind deactivates once you become healthy or if you are put into the dying state before Second Wind successfully triggers. You lose the Broken status effect.

Broken prevents Survivors from being healed.