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Cheryl Mason


Caring and impulsive, Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather, attempted to rebuild her life after the tragic death of her adoptive father, Harry Mason. While she had freed herself from the religious cult that pursued her since birth, she was shackled by the guilt of her father's death. A darkness punished her every night under the guise of abominable nightmares.

To ease her conscience, she volunteered at a crisis intervention center for troubled youth. Three months later, she aced training and could answer the crisis line without supervision. Yet little could have prepared her for the first call. All she heard was static. The air thickened as black fumes rose from the ground and suddenly she heard the voice of a woman-someone she thought she'd never hear from again. Why do you cling to this corrupt world You know that only God can save us.

It couldn't be her-Claudia was dead. Suddenly, the world spun and she dropped on her knees, nauseous. Hot bile traveled up her throat and she retched warm blood on the floor. Then the spinning stopped as swiftly as it began. Cheryl looked up and saw she was somewhere else. A cold, hopeless place.


Repressed Alliance
Repressed Alliance
You're accustomed to being hunted by malicious forces, and you've begun using it to your advantage.

Repressed Alliance activates after repairing generators for a total of 55/50/45 seconds.

When repairing a generator while the perk is active, press the Active Ability Button 1 to call upon The Entity to block the generator for 30 seconds. The perk deactivates.

This interaction is not available if other Survivors are repairing the generator.

Affected generators will be revealed by a white aura to all Survivors.

Blood Pact
Blood Pact
It's as if a latent part of yourself has awakened. You feel like you can reach out beyond yourself for assistance.

When you or the Obsession are injured, you both see each other's auras.

After completing a healing action on the Obsession, or having the Obsession complete a healing action on you, you both gain a 5/6/7% Haste status effect until no longer within 16 meters of each other.

Reduces the odds of being the Obsession.

If you are the Obsession, this perk deactivates.

Soul Guard
Soul Guard
You have been through immense hardship and you're stronger for it.

Gain the Endurance status effect for 4/6/8 seconds after being healed or having recovered from the dying state.

While cursed by a Hex, you can fully recover from the dying state.

This effect can only trigger once every 30 seconds.