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Jill Valentine


Excelling at lock picking and bomb disposal, Jill Valentine was a brilliant Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S. T. A. R. S. ) agent. After bravely rescuing her team members from a devastating biohazard, she returned to Raccoon City to save the Survivors left behind. But a lethal and ruthless supersoldier labeled Nemesis was on her trail.

After dealing The Nemesis a few blows, Jill rushed to the basement and picked the lock of a cold room. Once inside, her body turned numb as a black fog engulfed her.


You've come back from near impossible odds... and you'll do it again.

Gain 40/45/50% healing progress instantly after being unhooked or unhooking yourself.

Blast Mine
Blast Mine
When direct combat isn't an option, you still find ways to strike back.

Blast Mine activates after completing a total of 50% worth of repair progress on generators.

When standing next to a generator, press the Active Ability Button 1 to install a Blast Mine which stays active for 100/110/120 seconds.

Affected generators will be revealed to all Survivors by a yellow aura. Only one Blast Mine can be active on a generator.

When the Killer damages the generator, the Blast Mine explodes, stunning them and blinding anyone nearby.

Blast Mine deactivates when the generator is damaged by the Killer or when the timer expires.

You know how to withstand an enemy stronger than you, and it starts with hunting down and knocking out their support.

You cleanse Totems 20% faster. After cleansing a Totem, you see the aura of the furthest Totem from you for 2/3/4 seconds and you gain an additional 20% stackable speed bonus to cleansing Totems for the remainder of the trial.