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Rebecca Chambers


A child prodigy, Rebecca Chambers graduated from college at age 18. As a Rookie Police Officer, she was the youngest member of the Special Tactics and Rescue Service assigned as a field medic with Bravo Team. Dispatched by S. T. A. R. S. to the Arklay Research Facility, her squad investigated a series of grisly murders. While exploring an abandoned train, she discovered undead monsters and mutated animals. She escaped to an even more horrifying place, an old underground Umbrella Corporation facility filled with shocking abominations.

Desperate to find the other members of Bravo Team, she followed their disembodied voices into a mysterious, black fog that seemed to appear from nowhere. As Rebecca pushed through the heaving fog, she suddenly heard menacing footfalls behind her. Instinctively, she reached for her sidearm, but her holster was empty. Her weapons were gone.

As she turned, she heard a guttural roar and quickly evaded a massive club-like weapon. Clambering to her feet, she rushed toward a flickering light in the darkness.


You throw yourself entirely into your tasks and find ways to be more efficient than anyone else.

After hitting a great Skill Check while repairing or healing, this perk gains 1 token, up to 6 tokens. Each token increases the chance of Skill Check trigger by 4%, the Skill Check cursor speed by 4% and the bonus progression for great Skill Checks by 10/20/30% of its base value.

The perk loses all tokens in case of normal Skill Check successes, Skill Check fails, or if the action is stopped by any means.

Your presence helps allies focus, assuaging the panic associated with extreme conditions.

When within a 6-meter radius around a hooked Survivor, use the Active Ability Button 2 to pause their struggle progression for 20/25/30 seconds.

If they are on the struggle phase, it also pauses the Struggle Skill Checks.

Reassurance can only be triggered once per Survivor per hook instance.

Better than New
Better than New
You are an expert in combat medicine. Patients leave your care reinvigorated.

Upon completing a healing action on another Survivor, the targeted Survivor gets a 12/14/16% speed boost to healing, opening chests, cleansing and blessing Totems.

Survivors keep the bonus until they lose a health state.