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Nicolas Cage


Countless awards. Billions of dollars at the box office. Over one hundred films shot in every corner of the globe. Nicolas Cage had done it all and seen it all.

Or so he thought.

The last script to cross his desk was something new entirely. Descend Beyond. As he pored over every word, every page, Nick became more and more transfixed. It was as if the script had consumed his senses entirely. He could see himself kneeling before the great altar of a dark temple. He could feel the coarse stone on his fingertips as he drew ancient symbols inked in blood on that very altar. He could hear rumbling as the walls glowed and released-

Nick called his agent immediately. By the time the sun rose, he was on a private jet bound for the Pacific.

His agent had warned him that Descend Beyond was backed by some questionable financers. Nick didn't mind. He was willing to do the film for free, but his agent talked him out of it.

Touching down, Nick wondered if the rocky island was under lockdown. The dirt runway was flanked by research tents bearing a logo he did not recognize. As soon as he stepped off the jet, he was lead by armed guards to the director of Descend Beyond, a white-haired woman with the hardness of a government agent: Pauline Stamper.

Stamper herself drove Nick to set, with another two black jeeps following them. The dirt road went through an abandoned camp, along the edge of a waterfall, and switchbacked down to a valley of dense forests. Stamper lead Nick and the guards on foot to the film's key location: an ominous cave, home to the crumbling ruins of an ancient temple.

It was exactly what he had seen as he read the script in his office. The dark temple. The stone altar in the middle of the main chamber. The smooth walls waiting to glow. Waiting to unleash-

Nick was ready to film immediately. Stamper gently reminded him that filming would commence the following morning, but Nick refused to hear any of it. The crew was quickly summoned, and just as the sun began to set, Nick heard the words he longed to hear:


Nick performed his dialogue to the letter. A dark incantation that rolled off his tongue with ease. He dipped his fingers in a cup of red ink and painted symbols on the stone altar. He never felt this way on a set before. But then…

Nick looked up and saw the temple walls glowing, revealing symbols like the one he had painted on the altar.

Nick had thought the glowing would be a special effect added to the film in post. Something was wrong.

He approached the wall and touched the symbols. Just like it said in the script. He stared in disbelief as black fog -- real black fog -- billowed from the symbols and wrapped around his arm. This had to be a practical joke. He looked behind the camera, expecting to see Stamper and her crew laughing at their little prank.

But they were gone. And the black fog was all around him.

This can't be real. This is only a movie.


Plot Twist
Plot Twist
Big moments are vital, but you know that sometimes an understated read can be just as powerful.

Plot Twist activates when you are injured.

Press the ability button 2 while crouched and motionless to enter the dying state silently.

When using Plot Twist to enter the dying state: you leave no blood pools and you make no noise and you can fully recover from the dying state.

When you recover by yourself using Plot Twist, you are healed instantly and you gain 50% Haste for 2/3/4 seconds.

This perk deactivates if you recover by yourself by any means.

This perk re-activates when the exit gates are powered.

Scene Partner
Scene Partner
You lock in with your co-star, engaging with and reacting to each other on a higher level.

Scene Partner activates when you are in the Killer's Terror Radius.

Whenever you look at the Killer, scream, then see the Killer's aura for 3/4/5 seconds.

There is a chance you will scream again, if you do, you will see the Killer's aura for an additional 2 seconds.

Scene Partner then goes on cool-down for 60 seconds.

When people bring you on to their project, they do so because of the unexpected magic you bring to your performance.

Dramaturgy activates while you are healthy.

While running, press the active ability button 2 to run with knees high for 0.5 seconds and then gain 25% Haste for 2 seconds, followed by a unknown effect.

Become Exposed for 12 seconds;

Gain 25% Haste for 2 seconds;

Scream, but nothing happens;

Gain a random rare item, with random add-ons, and drop any held item. The same effect cannot happen twice in a row.

Dramaturgy causes Exhausted for 60/50/40 seconds. Can't be used while Exhausted.

Exhausted prevents Survivors from activating other perks that cause Exhausted.

“Take the part. It's a good movie, he says. What's the worst that can happen” -Nicolas Cage